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Web Design & Hosting

 At SS&P, we not only design websites from scratch, we can edit or add to a pre-existing site too.

 So how much does a website cost? Less than you probably think, and much more "bang for your buck" than conventional advertising.

 We will register your domain and host your site, making your company or organization with its address and phone numbers, a map, and a detailed description of the goods and services you offer, all professionally designed into a great looking website for as little as a few hundred dollars. Do your needs require something more elaborate, such as an e-commerce site? We can do that too. We also offer hosting for your new website on our own server for only $99 per year. This fee includes all maintenance done on the server to insure your site is always visible, plus basic SEO services. Your site is periodically ran thru a web analyzer to see what improvements should be made in the never ending battle to rank high in the search results. The search engines are constantly changing their SERP algorithms, so frequent site changes to both content and coding should be made. We also track and analyze your current visitors to see what they are viewing to help us with recommendations on future changes.

 Soon your sales will be flying higher than Ben's kite! Once your site is designed and hosted by SS&P, we can easily make any changes you desire. These changes are reasonably priced, and as stated above, should be done frequently to keep you near the top of the search engine results. After the updates though, the hosting cost remains the same fixed price due annually on the date your site first went live on our server. The object is for your site to grow with your business, yet always remain affordable.

We love to Code !! Our sites are DHTML, HTML 4 or 5, and jQuery based. Enhanced with plain vanilla Javascript and JIF when needed. On the server we add interactivity with PHP. Whether you need an eCommerce website, or just want to get your business on the web; you simply tell us what you are looking for and we do the complicated programming stuff!

Call us today, and leave your mark on the World Wide Web!

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