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What is Variable Data Printing?

 Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a term describing a printing process of personalized mailings. You have probably received a VDP mailing at some point yourself.

 If you have ever opened a letter or flyer that was personalized just for you (i.e., it had your name instead of Dear Sir/Madam), and thought "How did they do that?" That was the power of Variable Data in action. VDP is simply taking a name and address (or other data) from a database, plugging it into the rest of the printed piece where appropiate and printing a single copy. Then moving to the next record in the database to repeat the process. The end result is a very customized mailing. Every recipient is treated like he/or she is the most important customer you have. Exactly the way every customer wants and deserves to be treated!

Q: We already have a customer database, can that be
   used for this purpose?

 Possibly, there are about a dozen database software packages on the market, and each of them have had numerous versions released. It would be uneconomical for us to purchase every one. A better approach is to export your existing database to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Almost every database has this capability. By first getting your data into this popular file format, we can then manipulate it on our end to produce the desired results.

Q: What if we don't have an existing database to use?
 No problem. If you keep customer info in another spreadsheet, a word processor, or even a plain text file, we can use that too. We can even prepare your data in the necessary format if you keep customers on 3x5 or rolodex cards. And by the way, although dropping in a name is the most common use of VDP, the process can really be used for anything. Customizing mailings to a particular industry or group for example.

Q: What does VDP cost?
 The price is dependent upon the quantity, and what exactly is being imprinted. Never the less, this service is really quite affordable and can make your mailings stand out from your competitors. Let us quote you on your requirements today, and put VDP to work for you.

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