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 You only get one chance to make a first impression! A well designed logo is vital for any business, club or organization. Every time you hand out a business card, your logo should be the first thing they see to connect you with your brand.

 Coca-Cola, Marlboro, and Microsoft. All household names and all have logo's recognized around the world. But each of these corporations logo's are simply their names in unusual fonts and characters. Obviously, none of these companies paid big bucks for someone to just set their name in an off-the-shelf font. Each character was manipulated "just right" to become the logo that is commonly recognized.

 Of course a logo doesn't have to be text based. Some logos are strictly graphical in nature, and not informing the viewer at all of what the company actually does. Look at Apple Computer for instance. When you see their logo on something, you know it is some sort of tech device. But you only know this because you have heard of or seen other Apple products. If Rip Van Winkle just woke up and saw the Apple logo, he would have no idea what that company produces. Your logo does not have to reveal what your company does visually to be effective, but your brand does need to be somewhat popular in your chosen field to be recognized as a trustworthy leader if you take this approach.

 Surprisingly, few logos actually give the viewer a first-time impression of what it is exactly a company does. The logo for Major League Baseball tells you they have something to do with baseball, but the word "League" tells you what that something is. Most logos fall into this category. Combining text with a graphic. Take the Burger King logo for example. The word burger tells you what they do, but you still don't know if they sell frozen meat or cooked meat. Placing the name between two buns tells you that their product is ready for hungry employees.

 Some logos of this style still only give hints, but yet are very effective at their intended message. Take the Fed-Ex logo for instance. Their logo is once again just unusual characters squeezed together. But look closer and you can see the genius in the design. Between the capital E and the lowercase x, there is a natural forming arrow that appears. By squeezing the letters together the graphic artist made this arrow more prominent. So although the word Fed-Ex does not reveal what they do, the arrow does tell you that this is a company on the move somehow.

 Just a side note, the creator of the Fed-Ex logo was Rob Janoff, who also designed the Apple logo. If you don't feel you can quite afford Rob's services, then see us. All of our logos are only $99! Upon acceptance of our proposed design, you will be given your logo in various high-resolution formats for your advertising and printing needs.

Below is some of our work

All Logos are only $99

Plus, you have access to your paid artwork
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 Cult Wines International

Purveyors of the World's most sought after Wines

 What started as a personal wine collection with a passion for rare collectibles slowly grew into a flourishing business where people can both purchase fabulous wines, and sell or consign wines from their own private collection.

 We are an internet-only based business. We have no store-front. This keeps our overheads low and our selection exclusive. Our mailing address is only for shipments. All of our wine is kept safely off-site.

 We are always looking to expand our inventory, and we buy rare wines from all over the world. We commonly buy or consign entire wine collections from people who wish to sell their wine. As a result, we have an incredibly eclectic selection to choose from.

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 Gelish Nails by Kate

 Inside Head To Toe Salon, located at 707 Shamrock Blvd., Venice FL 34293

Call: (941) 914-4821

 Venice Golf Center

Venice's Premiere Golf Shop!
Your Source for Everything Golf

 Locally owned and operated since 1996, our personal and friendly service sets us apart from the rest. Let us help choose the right equipment for your level of skill and the price that will fit your budget. Please shop and compare!

 From traditional set make-ups, easy to hit hybrid-iron sets, or custom fitted complete sets, we have the clubs to improve your game! From the more skilled player looking to control spin and trajectory, to the beginner player, we have a variety of clubs to suit whatever level of skill you are.

 We have a large selection of golf bags, balls, gloves, clubs, head covers, socks, visors, hats, GPS devices and golf accessories. Be sure to check our men's and women's shoes in the latest styles. Come see why we have won The Herald Tribune Reader's Choice Award since 2000 as the Best Place to buy Golf Equipment, and let us help you enjoy the game we all love!

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Tracy Lamb Piano Tuning

 Tracy Lamb Piano Tuning & Repair

Serving Sarasota and Surrounding Areas

 I specialize in all aspects including tuning, minor and major repairs, regular maintenance, rebuilding, restringing and evaluations.

Call: (941) 323-6765

 Hartland Wealth Management Inc.

Secure investments in Real Property

• We offer a unique investment opportunity like no other.

• Safer than stocks, mutual funds, bonds, gold or any of the other typical investment options.

• Guaranteed a minimum 10% return on investment per project.

• You can cancel at at time without penalty.

• No maximum investment limit.

• Our company has over 35 years experience and a perfect track record.

• No co-mingling of investment funds. Each investor’s money is connected to his/her own projects.

• We do not make money until you do.

If you are interested in investing with us, see the “How it Works” section on our website.

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 Gulf Breeze Filters

Manufacturers and Distributors of Quality Air Filtration Products

 AFF has been acquired by Gulf Breeze Filters, Inc.

 Gulf Breeze Filters is locally owned and has operated in Florida since 1990. We started in Venice, FL and have recently relocated to Bradenton. Our goal has always been to provide quality products, prompt local delivery and nationwide shipments, all combined with excellent customer service at every level. We are available to assist you today with all your filtration needs.

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